Saturday, 4 February 2012

CoNtEsT I LoVe My BFF By LyAnA N NaDiA





-we always do things together like hangout, watching movies , shopping, and so on..
-the most thing that we like to do is karaoke-ing!!
-each of us has our own weaknesses but we cover them up for each other from others eyes..
-eventhough we were already separate because we continue our study in different institution, we still keep in touch and we will meet if we have holiday..
-we were promise to:
+not to like the same guy.
+not to held wedding at the same time and the same place.
+we were gonna to marry at age above 26.
+make us the richest lady in malaysia 

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  1. comel kamu semua :)

    lyana follower yg ke 100:D

    oh yeah!!!!

    even ini blog contest, hehehe

    jaga persahabatan baik2 ek sis :)


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